May 1, 05


    Welcome back to another edition of my blog. I thought I would keep everyone posted on my progress as I continue throughout the year. Things have been pretty exciting here as of late. Our team has begun to play together and our starting pitching has been incredible. Baker and Gassner have been leading the charge.

    As for me, my confidence has begun to return. The last time I started I went 4 no hit innings. I felt great as our team had a 5 run lead goin into the 5th. I took the mound as I usually do and walked the first guy. An inning can never start good when u walk the leadoff guy and the inning wasn’t good. I then proceeded to give up back to back hits and had the bases loaded with no outs. The count went 2-0 and I threw a Fastball right down the middle. Well it never came back and I gave up a Grand Slam. Even though I gave up that Grand Slam, I felt great all day and was very pleased with the way I pitched beside the one inning.

    To become a better pitcher, you must be able to take something frome each day, not only from your start but also from your side work. So that is what I am trying to do. My next start is in Pawtuckett, Rhode Island on Tuesday and we will see if things continue to get better for me and the team.

    Until then, my best to all of you.



  1. Bob

    Hey J.D…Good luck this year, I’ll be keeping up with your progress along with all of the Wings. Ryan Jorgensen in the Marlins organization is giving us updates at and it’s a nice treat for the fans. He started in Spring Training and will continue throughout the season. I’ll be bookmarking your blog….it’ll be nice to hear from the inside about the Wings.


    Keep your head up JD and your confidence high. You are a great pitcher and will be up here pitching at the Dome before we know it!


    Hey J.D.,

    It shows a lot of character to write about the tough outings as well as the dominant ones. We appreciate the updates. You are The Real Deal and surely there are a lot of dominant outings to come with the way you pitch. Good luck this year.


    JD,you are a very strong and determined person don’t get down on yourself. Every outting is a chance to prove how talented you truly are. Use this opportunity to grow and learn mentally more than anything. Good things truly do come to those who wait, so be patient and we’ll see you in MN very soon!


    J.D., you were, are, and always will be a midget with a ego the size of china. Too bad your skills in the bed and on the field are lacking… I enjoy watching you get lit up every time you take the mound and hope that you crash your denali. You are the biggest ********* I have ever met. Oh, by the way, has your mom kept slutting around with Dante?


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