May 19


   Well I apprecaite the comments u have been sending me. Mlb has decided not to promote my post but I will still read and keep up with all those that reply and send messages my way.

   Things are starting to turn around here in AAA. I feel great as of late and am continuing to feel better about myself not only as a person but also on the field. With the help of family, friends, and all those that are close to me it has made this transistion period easier. Thank you to all and continue to look at this site for I will keep it posted as much as possible.

   My last 3 outings since my last post have been so much better and i am beggining to feel as though things are starting to roll for me. I recently got my first loss to the Columbus Clippers who are the NY Yankees affiliate here in AAA. They are a great hitting team and I survived through 6 inn. giving up only 4 hits and allowing 3 runs while striking out 8. Even though we ended up losing the ballgame, I felt as though I kept them in there as much as I could and gave my team a chance to win. We are starting to play alot better as a team and it has been fun to watch lately. I think we are becoming more confident in the way things are going.

  As for myself, I am continuing to work hard and pushing myself to get back to the way I used to feel. So far, so good. I will continue to keep the site updated as much as possible and look forward to hearing from all those that write in.

   I thank you again for all the support and look forward to writing next time.

May 1, 05


    Welcome back to another edition of my blog. I thought I would keep everyone posted on my progress as I continue throughout the year. Things have been pretty exciting here as of late. Our team has begun to play together and our starting pitching has been incredible. Baker and Gassner have been leading the charge.

    As for me, my confidence has begun to return. The last time I started I went 4 no hit innings. I felt great as our team had a 5 run lead goin into the 5th. I took the mound as I usually do and walked the first guy. An inning can never start good when u walk the leadoff guy and the inning wasn’t good. I then proceeded to give up back to back hits and had the bases loaded with no outs. The count went 2-0 and I threw a Fastball right down the middle. Well it never came back and I gave up a Grand Slam. Even though I gave up that Grand Slam, I felt great all day and was very pleased with the way I pitched beside the one inning.

    To become a better pitcher, you must be able to take something frome each day, not only from your start but also from your side work. So that is what I am trying to do. My next start is in Pawtuckett, Rhode Island on Tuesday and we will see if things continue to get better for me and the team.

    Until then, my best to all of you.


April 21, 2005

Welcome all you bloggers,

      This is JD and I am going to keep you posted on what is going on in my life both on and off the field. To an extent I might add.

      Spring training was a rough one for me this year. I came into spring training with that added pressure of possibly making the team. I didn’t fair as well as I would have liked, and I eventually got sent down to AAA Rochester. Sometime over the course of spring I lost that confidence that I have been know to possesse. It has been a struggle to regain that confidence. I am going through an adjustment period in my career, and I am learning to deal with failure. This is something I am no way accustomed top. This period of my baseball career has been the most trying since entering this profession. I am having a difficult time adjusting, but I know I will eventually come out of it with a positive mindset and an optimistic approach to the game.

    I look forward to keeping you informed on the tasks that are ahead of me as the season progresses.